Santo Domingo-DOSDQ (18 ̊ 27.631' n; 69 ̊ 53.405' W)

  • Line up lights

  • Runway beacons

    6 beacon buoys: 2 red, 2 green and 2 yellow markers
  • Lighthouse

    Yellow and black concrete
    Period 12 s: Flash 2 s, hiding 10 s
    Elevation: 135 feet
    Reach: 12 nautical miles
  • Depth of entrance channel

    10 meters (32.8 feet)
  • Depth of the dock

    10 meters depth (32.8 feet)
  • Docks

  • Length of docks

    2,310 meters (combined) (7,578.8 feet)
  • Range of depths

    5 to 10 meters (16.4 to 32.8 ft)
  • Tide variations

    0.6 meters(2 feet)
  • Maneuver circle

    320 meters (149.8 feet)
  • Port operations

    Export and import of general cargo. Reception of tourist ships and cargo import

The port of Santo Domingo began operations with the arrival of the Columbus caravels in 1492, and served for the export of goods from the production centers located in the island during colonial times, especially the gold mines that were exploited in the Bonao, Haina and Nizao Rivers, since it offered good natural and security conditions for the vessels.

After the colonial period, this port was formed by a small dock within the estuary, a continuation of the Fort of San Diego. At the dawn of the 20th century, specifically in the year 1927, several improvement plans were proposed; in 1935 the berthing of large ships and tourist vessels was achieved.

Later, due to the great development of the port, it was necessary to build the tourist terminal at Sans Souci to provide better service and provide the necessary facilities. The latest remodeling of the western edge of the River was done in 1989 with the creation of the Puerto Avenue. To achieve this the entire vision of the Colonial City was reformulated: at that time the pursuit was to highlight and reframe the presence of the colonial monuments in order to promote tourism in the country. The Santo Domingo Port is located on the Ozama River, in the city of Santo Domingo; It has 12 docks and a maximum depth of 10 m. Currently it has terminal Santo Domingo, a ferry terminal, tourist Don Diego terminal, tourist terminal Sans Souci, the Ozama Mills terminal and the Bartholomew Columbus Marina Plaza sports dock. Tourist cruise ships and ferries, bulk cargo vessels (bringing new vehicles), as well as an electricity generation barge operate in these facilities.

This port, located in the province of Santo Domingo, is a mooring dock averaging 24 ft in depth, and has a 30-foot-deep entrance channel, its is 455 m and has 2,310 m of docks, and a circle of maneuver of 320 m.

Operation. Three terminals with different services. Export and import terminals.

The Don Diego and Sans Souci cruise ship reception areas as well as general cargo mooring, there is general unloading of loose cargo containers.