Author: Miguel Reyes Sánchez. Photography: Anne Casale and Ricardo Briones
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From ancient times, sailors used some methods and tools to know their position at sea with some approximation. A part of these instruments have been maritime path routes, and were based on the travel diaries and the experiences lived by sailors on their voyages.

At that time, these routes were the only navigational charts, such as the one by Piteas of Marseille, due to his knowledge of the climates of the Earth, and Hannon, which provided all the details of his journeys.

As we can see, the drafting of the paths preceded the preparation of nautical charts, for sailors of that era information written on the sea in which they sailed was most reliable.


Author: Miguel Reyes Sánchez. Director of photography: Francisco Manosalvas
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As indicated by its title, this is an exciting book whose content stimulates the reader to make a fascinating intellectual journey at the end which you can see how the shipbuilding industry originated and evolved to reach the highest levels of technological achievement of today, first globally and then at the national level.