The Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic, Inc. (AIRD) was created with the objective of promoting the industrialization of the country and represent and defend the interests of Dominican industry, contributing significantly to the well-being of the nation through the creation of jobs, the generation of revenue for the State and the transfer of knowledge. It is the largest and most important of the Dominican Republic industrial business groups, representing a large number of industrial, regional and sector associations, which makes it in the association with the highest level of representation of the Dominican industrial sector. 

BASC is a non-profit association whose objective is to promote within its associates the development and implementation of enforcement measures aimed at preventing the smuggling of goods and narcotics joined with legitimate trade. It is a voluntary program that seeks, promotes and supports the standards of safety and protection of the Dominican export sector. The Association is directed by the business sector and is supported by the United States customs service.

The initial goal of the Caribbean Shipping Association is to bring together all stakeholders in the maritime transport sectors in the Caribbean, with the purpose of integrating interests and promoting the exchange of experiences, advice and information. The task of the Steering Committee is the development of a structure for the achievement of this objective.

The National Council of Private Enterprise , Inc. (CONEP) is the organization that brings together most of the private companies in the Dominican Republic. CONEP ´s mission is to promote the strengthening of the free enterprise system, furthering its active participation as an agent of change and transformation, leading to the consolidation of democratic institutions, with the objective of promoting the economic and social development of the Dominican nation.

National Agency that integrates all employers or associations of entrepreneurs or organizations whose activities are closely linked to any economic activity. Among its objectives is to promote and encourage the economic activities of its members and their relations with the local and international market, maintaining and promoting the union's members´ morality, and business ethics, offer members advice and services through data banks and economic or administrative and legal information about free trade and the objectives of the creation of this Association.